A biography of duke ellington an american musician

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About Duke Ellington

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Ellington made his first professional appearance as a jazz pianist in Duke Ellington Biography by William Ruhlmann Greatest all-round musical figure of the 20th century, who achieved monumental status as a composer, bandleader, arranger, and instrumentalist.

Duke Ellington life and biography

Duke Ellington, born Edward Kennedy Ellington on April 29, in Washington, District of Columbia, United States - died May 24, in New York, New York, United States is an American musician, composer and bandleader, a trully distinctive and pivotal jazz figure. Watch video · Duke Ellington Biography Songwriter, Pianist, Conductor (–) An originator of big-band jazz, Duke Ellington was an American composer, pianist and.

Ellington's eldest grandson, Edward Kennedy Ellington II, also is a musician and maintains a small salaried band known as the Duke Ellington Legacy, which frequently comprises the core of the big band operated by The Duke Ellington Center for the Arts.

Autobiography of bandleader, composer, and jazz musician Duke Ellington ().

Duke Ellington Facts

Describes Ellington's childhood in Washington, D.C., his fellow Music professor's biography of the African American musician credits Biographies of Jazz and Blues Singers and Musicians Page 7 of 7.

A biography of duke ellington an american musician
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