Aspects of wicked problems

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Wicked problem

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Jonathan Sarfati of Answers in Genesis provides a rebuttal for this article for the instituteforzentherapy.coms Archive. More Nonsense on "instituteforzentherapy.coms" Kevin Henke gives a response to Sarfati at Greene's Creationism Truth Filter The Miracle of Noah's Ark.

Aspects of wicked problems Introduction When facing a design problem, designers need to consider a wide range of factors to ensure that it is as successful as possible. When a design problem is ill-defined a wicked problem arises, which complicated the process more.

Sustainability is a very important consideration when designing. Finally, these aspects of the generic wicked problems discourse have not encouraged or facilitated thinking about degrees of wickedness. Instead, each situation has been seen in binary terms as either wicked. The concept of wicked problems is presented along with Morphological Analysis as a method for structuring and analysing wicked problems.

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Aspects of wicked problems
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Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving - Ryan Hubbard