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Sidney and Beatrice Webb

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Books by Beatrice Potter Webb

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Books by Beatrice Potter Webb

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Sidney and Beatrice Webb

Beatrice Webb. Beatrice Potter, the eighth daughter of Richard Potter and Laurencina Heyworth, was born on 2nd January,at Standish House in Gloucestershire. Her grandfather was Richard Potter, the Radical MP for Wigan.

Beatrice Potter Webb has 91 books on Goodreads with ratings. Beatrice Potter Webb’s most popular book is The Diaries of Beatrice Webb.

Beatrice Webb

Beatrice Potter Webb. The English social reformer Beatrice Potter Webb () was a leading Fabian socialist and a partner with her husband, Sidney Webb, in their projects for social and educational reform and in their research into the history of political and economic institutions.

The English social reformer Beatrice Potter Webb () was a leading Fabian socialist and a partner with her husband, Sidney Webb, in their projects for social and educational reform and in their research into the history of political and economic institutions.

Beatrice Potter Webb

Early life of Beatrice Potter Webb. Beatrice Potter was born in Gloucester, into a class which, to use her own words, “habitually gave orders.” She was the eighth daughter of Richard Potter, a businessman, at whose death she inherited a private income of £1, a year, and Laurencina Heyworth, daughter of a Liverpool merchant.

Beatrice Potter Webb (–) was an English sociologist, economist, socialist and reformer. Personal Information Martha Beatrice Webb (née Potter; 22 January – 30 April ) was an English sociologist, economist, socialist and reformer, usually referred to in the same breath as her husband, Sidney Webb.

Beatrice potter webb
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