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Egypt's newly discovered tombs hold mummies, animal statues

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The poor placed the bodies of their dead relatives out in the desert sand. The bodies dried naturally in the sun.

That was a perfectly good system. 13 days ago · Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a collection of mummified cats and scarab beetles in a series of ancient tombs. Reuters The finds, dating back. 56 rows · The mummy was found in the outer coffin of Lady Rai, the nurse of Inhapy's niece Queen.

Find great deals on eBay for egyptian mummy. Shop with confidence. May 14,  · Mummies Unearthed In Egypt: The Two-Way Archaeologists announced the discovery of the mummies in central Egypt, believed to be from Egypt's Greco-Roman period.

The country is. Nov 13,  · Tens of cat mummies and around wooden statues of cats were discovered near a pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt. The area seems to have been used for cat burials thousands of .

Eqypt mummy
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