Europe assisting in colonizing asia

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LEGACY OF COLONIALISM. European, American, and Asian powers colonized SEA. The major European colonizers in SEA included Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Britain, and. The British took a paternalistic view of their colonial subjects, feeling a duty - the "white man's burden," as Rudyard Kipling put it - to Christianize and civilize the peoples of Asia, Africa, and the New World.

In Asia, the story goes, Britain built roads, railways, and governments, and acquired a national obsession with tea. Took Control of southeast Asia Spices were very valued by Europeans, so after Europe heard about it, they quickly colonized the region. The 2nd reason why Europe wanted to Colonize Southeast Asia The 3rd reason, why Europe wanted to colonize Southeast Asia So they could get raw materials, and so.

While lacking the robustness attributed to west European Neanderthal morphology, other populations did inhabit parts of eastern Europe and western Asia. Between 45, - 35, years ago, modern humans (Homo sapiens) replaced all Neanderthal populations in Europe anatomically and genetically.

Africa was destroyed by imperialist Europe and is still being destroyed by Europe. Up to the 14th century A.D.

Africa was ahead of Europe or on par with Europe militarily. The Romans used spears and we used spears in war. The principle justification offered by the Europeans for their colonization of Asia & Africa was the moral and technological superiority of the western world.

As the Europeans saw it, the spread of the European way of life would substantially increase living standards for the colonized.

Western imperialism in Asia


Europe assisting in colonizing asia
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