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lioncourt56 Jan 18 pm I like it very much. In most of dramas, the beginning is perfect and then it gets boring, here it's the complete opposite. The beginning is too long, I was considering to abandon it but kept on watching and I don't regret it.

Miss Julie depicts a fierce battle between a man and a woman, a struggle for power and dominance enacted through a cruel and compulsive game of seduction and repulsion. A country estate in Ireland.

Plot Overview. Miss Julie takes place in the kitchen of the Count's manor house on a Midsummer's Eve. Christine, the cook, is frying something when Jean, a valet, enters, exclaiming that Miss Julie is wild tonight.

He says that he danced with Miss Julie, the Count's daughter, at the local barn. Marcie Colleen is having the cover reveal of her book, PENGUINAUT, on the 12 x 12 blog this week!

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Miss julie setting
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