Problems faced by old age people

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Top 5 Problems Faced in Old Age

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If old age is so awful, then let us pick an age after which it is okay to die and stop all the medical interventions. In this case, we would need a major campaign to educate people that dying is. Feb 20,  · What are the problems faced by the old people in our society?

For my point of view old or senior citizens face a lot of problems. It may be psychological, financial both at home and in social life. I think the most important is that due to break up of the joint family system.

Actually often they lead isolated lives even while living with children. 10 Health Conditions to Watch For as You Age. As people grow older, they often report problems maintaining balance.

The wife of one president and mother to another faced many health issues.

Top 5 Problems Faced in Old Age

Herein, an attempt is made to describe the situation and major health problems faced by the elderly from elderly population of aged 60 and above in three rural communes of Puducherry. Findings reveal that majority of the elderly, both male and female, are unhealthy.

One way demographers measure the economic impact of aging is by the “old-age dependency ratio”: the number of people age 65 and older per working age people (age ). (The higher the number, the more elderly people there are to be supported by younger working adults.). Apr 07,  · The traditional Indian society and the age-old joint family system have been instrumental in safeguarding the social and economic security of the elderly Dr.

R. N. Kalra.

Problems faced by old age people
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