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Thomas Hobbes

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Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

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In mathematics, the concept of quantity is an ancient one extending back to the time of Aristotle and earlier. Aristotle regarded quantity as a fundamental ontological and scientific category. A lui si deve il termine "funzione", che egli usò per individuare le proprietà di una curva, tra cui l'andamento, la pendenza e la perpendicolare in un punto, la corda.A Leibniz, assieme a Isaac Newton, vengono generalmente attribuiti l'introduzione e i primi sviluppi del calcolo infinitesimale, in particolare il concetto di integrale, per il quale si usano ancora oggi.

Empedocles of Acragas (c. BC) Inventor of rhetoric and borderline charlatan. His arbitrary explanation of reality with 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and 2 forces (Love and Strife) dominated Western thought for over two millenia. Facteurs de développement. Il existe plusieurs facteurs favorisant le développement de l'astronomie arabe, certains sont communs à toutes les sciences comme le désir de connaitre le monde environnant, ou bien la structure du monde arabe favorisant les échanges de savoir.

The scene that Vermeer represents is fully shaded by overhead cumulus clouds lit by the sun shining from the left.

The chief pigment of the blue sky is the now defunct blue, azurite, the most common blue found on the palette of 17th-century Dutch painters. Cette option est réservée à nos abonné(e)s.

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Wallis mathesis universalis
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